Automatic Garage Door Tips: Promoting Safety at Home 

Most people think an overhead garage door is something that is not hazardous. However, anything electrical and mechanical has the capacity to be very dangerous under certain circumstances. That is the reason why you should be very careful of all the mechanical and electrical elements present in your residential property – especially those that are located outside your house as it can potentially affect a huge part of your property.

Garage Door

It is incredibly important to know the safetymeasures needed if you own an automatic garage door. That is the reason why a lot of garage door companies work hard in order to bring you reliable and safe garage doors, which are also appealing to the eye. Once your garage door openers are installed, it is always the best idea to conduct a door safety test in order to make sure that everything is working exactly and running smoothly as it should. You should also need to ensure that if you have kids at home, you should conduct these garage door safety tests regularly to lessen the chances of any accidents and injuries caused by the automatic garage door opener.

Aside from regular garage door tests for safety measures, it is also crucial to ensure that everyone in your family knows all the dangers associated with owning an electric garage door opener. This practice will definitely minimize the risk of getting injuries in your household. Always remember that the garage door is not a toy; therefore shouldn’t be played – this is the most important rule that you should impose to the young members of your family. Your garage door is a heavily mechanized object that should be cared, treated well, and respected. With that certain reminders in mind, here are some of the most important tips to educate your family about garage door opener safety.

Do Not Race the Door

While it seems like common sense, it pays to remind you that you should not push the button of your garage door to close it and then run to the door grabbing the opportunity while it is open, and passing under it. This is extremely dangerous that can result in very serious injuries or the worst, death. While a lot of sober adults wouldn’t want to admit that they have attempted to race the automatic garage door, a lot of people have definitely tried this. Unfortunately, it is much more common for young people to try to beat the garage door opener, and they usually do it for fun.

The safety sensor of your garage doors have significantly decreased the number of injuries recorder due to individuals pushing the garage door opener button and then attempting to walk or run under it before it gets the chance to be fully closed. Bear in mind that he safety sensors of your garage door shouldn’t be relied on except for emergency instances. Therefore, it is very important that you discuss it with all your family members, especially young children in your home how dangerous and unsafe your garage door opener is if it’s not used properly or well taken care of appropriately.

No matter how great handywoman or handyman you think you are, some other things in life should only be done by a skilled, professional and knowledgeable person. Your automatic garage door is actually an example of this. Even though it may seem like your automatic garage door is a simple setup that consists of a door with few electronics thrown, it is actually far more complicated than what you think it is. It is because there are quite some moving, heavy parts as well as electrical components that are involved in garage door. That is the reason why it is very important to hire a professional garage door contractor, no matter how small or big the repair is.

Hire a Professional Garage Door Contractor for Installation, Repairs and Maintenance Service

Fixing your own automatic garage door when it is not working properly is actually dangerous since the heavy door could potentially fall onto you, and or the electrical system of your door could injure you. An amateur repair is more likely to be an unreliable fix, since chances of you repairing your own broken garage door opener without proper training and knowledge is very little to none. Not to mention that you will have a hard time finding the most appropriate materials required in repairing, it is best that you hire the services of a professional garage door contractor for repair, maintenance and even new garage door installation. If you happen to use wrong materials and equipment for your automatic garage door repair, it can eventually lead to permanent damages that even the most experienced professional garage door technician might not be able to fix.



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Garage Doors Buying Guide: Types, Style, and Materials 

Automatic garage door openers play a big role in our daily lives. While most people are already reaping the benefits that garage door openers can give, there are other homeowners that are still not sure whether to install one or not. If you are planning to buy an automatic garage door, let this article be your guide.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors Types

As a matter of fact, garage doors can come in 4 basic types: they may swing up, swing out, slide to the side or roll up.

Sliding barn doors or swing out carriage house door is a great choice if you want to keep your ceiling clear and or if you like their distinctive appearance. Otherwise, the most commonly used option by far by most homeowners nowadays is the sectional roll up garage door.

Before buying a roll up garage door, you should first measure the space between your garage door opening’s top section as well as the overhead framing or the ceiling. Standard tracks usually require headroom of around 14 inches. However, if you do not meet that requirement, you can get some low headroom track that costs around $100 more. In addition to that, there are also tracks that are especially produced for garages that have cathedral ceilings or unusually high walls.

Choosing the Right Style

It is very important to choose a garage door opener that matches the style of your home. Most garage door styles, whether contemporary or traditional, feature trim, panels as well as other detailing. Garage doors with true panel and frame construction tend to be stronger than those with other decorative detail, which is simply nailed on or glued. A lot of garage door opener styles actually have glass panels on its top row that looks very inviting when you look from the street while bringing daylight inside. In addition to that, you can also choose from roll up garage doors with frosted plastic or shatterproof glass in all its panels, giving a more modernized appearance.

Common Garage Door Opener Materials

1. Wood

Wood can offer authenticity and a charm that other garage door materials mimic. Wood garage doors can be made locally and can be customized in whatever size or design you prefer. Wood garage doors stand up well to basketball bumps. However, the downside is that wood garaged doors might require frequent refinishing or repainting, most especially if you are living in a damp climate.

The price range of wood garage doors usually starts from mid-price to very expensive, which depends on whether they include a lightweight wooden frame that is filled with foam insulation as well as in a hardboard skin or plywood or are true panel and frame garage doors made of durable redwood, cedar or mahogany. Oftentimes, wood garage doors carry a short warranty, probably for one year only.

2. Steel

For some reasons, metal is a better option that wood especially if you do not want a garage door with high maintenance. Nowadays, steel leads the pack since it is relatively affordable yet very tough. Bare steel can rust, therefore, you will need to promptly touch up scratches, and steel also dents.

You can be able to minimize this risk by selecting garage doors with sturdy 24 or 25 gauge panels instead of 27 or 28 gauge panels. It is because the higher the gauge number gets, the thinner the metal goes. In addition to that, you can also consider buying a steel garage door with an overlay of fiberglass as it does not rust and can be able to resist dents as well. However, fiberglass will need to be repainted periodically since its color can fade over time.

Quality steel garage doors can have lifetime warranties from the manufacturer, including its laminations between any insulation and the steel, as well as factory-applied paint. Usually, budget garage doors tend to have much shorter warranties on some certain components like springs and paint.

3. Aluminum

Common inexpensive aluminum doors have now been largely replaced by stronger aluminum garage door versions with dent resistant laminated panels as well as heavy duty extruded frames. Rust proof and rugged, these are a really wonderful option if you can be able to spend $10,000 or more for a garage door project.

More affordable aluminum doors consist of aluminum panels and frames made of other materials like high density polyethylene. Due to its lightweight property, aluminum is really a great option if you have a wider double door as it will not put too much strain on your garage door system.


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